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These real-life stories demonstrate how TechTrans takes on challenges to deliver results for our customers. Healthcare equipment manufactures increase sales using our Demo-Move program. Retailers expedite store display updates with our retail logistics services or take advantage of our white glove residential delivery services to get product to their customers. TechTrans even coordinates the delivery and installation of a line of copy machines for an office equipment manufacturer.

Retail Shipping Just in Time to go Back To School

The Challenge: A specialty retailer selling high-quality apparel and accessories for children and adults under a variety brands needed to deliver wooden display tables to 620 stores throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. The “Boy Tables” were intended to display special, new and dated children’s merchandise for a

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White Glove Logistics for 200 Retail Stores

The Challenge: A leading specialty retailer of action sportswear needed to rollout an eight square modular wall to 200 of its top stores, located throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, before the holiday season. As if this wasn’t daunting enough, all the deliveries were to be White Glove, by

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Cutting Edge Transportation Services for Consumer Electronics

The Challenge: A Consumer electronics manufacturer’s line of flat screen televisions is expensive and delicate, requiring the utmost care in shipping and handling to get it to various retailers nationwide. In addition, the product has a demanding shipping schedule because it arrives from overseas at the end of the month

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A Specialized Delivery for Virtual Reality

The Challenge: A mall-based arcade featuring motor-sport themed games contracted with TechTrans to deliver and install a 4,000-pound NASCAR Virtual Reality Driving Simulator. The equipment had to be placed in the store located on the second floor of Peabody Place, a new shopping center created inside an historic building in

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White Glove Delivery, Moving High End Luxury Retail

The Challenge: TechTrans designed an innovative program to solve a logistics and technical process for its customer, one of the most recognized “high end” retailers in the USA. The retailer was facing several challenges when shipping their larger LTL size orders to customers. These challenges included slow transit times, unprofessional

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Providing Reverse Logistics for the Healthcare Industry

The Challenge: TechTrans designed an innovative program to solve a logistics and technical process for its customer, one of the largest sellers of diagnostic medical equipment in the world. When medical labs and hospitals replaced blood-analyzing equipment from this medical equipment manufacturer, the existing machines needed to be decontaminated and

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Heavyweight Medical Equipment Logistics

The Challenge: A major worldwide manufacturer of analyzation devices, mainly utilized in hospitals and large commercial laboratories, had contracted with TechTrans to perform a “white glove” tech delivery of two analyzer devices. Each device weighed approximately 2,034 lbs., and needed to be unpacked and delivered to a second story laboratory

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High-end Residential Logistics

The Challenge: When TechTrans was contracted to deliver and install a high-end, oversized cooking range in a second-floor urban apartment, the company knew things could heat up quickly without a careful and precise installation process planned. In of itself, the cooking range weighed more than 1,400 lbs., measured more than

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