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Warehousing, Installation—A Full Service Suite for Office Equipment Logistics

The Challenge:

An office equipment manufacturer of began selling its line of midrange copiers designed for small businesses through valued added resellers (VARs), namely national office supply retailers. Because the VARs did not have infrastructure for warehousing, delivering or installing the machines, the manufacturer relied on a third party logistics (3PL) company to pick up the copiers from a central warehouse and provide nationwide delivery. The 3PL also had to install the machines and teach the end users how to operate them. In addition, because most of the equipment is leased, the manufacturer required careful tracking of all the machines and components by serial number.

The Approach:

The manufacturer contracted with TechTrans to coordinate both the delivery and the installation of the copiers. Upon receiving a copier order from one of the VARs, TechTrans contacts the purchaser to schedule a delivery and installation appointment. TechTrans picks up the copier from a central warehouse and delivers it to the buyer. When the copier is delivered, a trained technician is there to complete the installation and offer a tutorial to the customer/user. In addition, TechTrans records all related serial numbers for each copier and component shipped.

The Result:

Now, VAR customers purchasing copiers have delivery, installation and a user’s tutorial all on the same day. The coordinated effort prevents down-time by allowing the customer to begin using the machine the day it is delivered. The VARs have a single point of contact to handle all these procedures and proof of delivery and installation, with signature verification, is available over TechTrans’ secure website The manufacturer uses the same website to track and monitor the equipment and components, such as paper feeders and sorters, by serial number.