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Providing Reverse Logistics for the Healthcare Industry

The Challenge:

TechTrans designed an innovative program to solve a logistics and technical process for its customer, one of the largest sellers of diagnostic medical equipment in the world. When medical labs and hospitals replaced blood-analyzing equipment from this medical equipment manufacturer, the existing machines needed to be decontaminated and returned for refurbishment.

The manufacturer’s technicians were overwhelmed working on both old and new machines and sometimes they were unable to respond to assignments in a timely manner. To allow the manufacturer’s technicians to focus on new analyzer equipment installs, TechTrans stepped in to support the process of decontaminating and returning equipment from the field.

The Approach:

First, TechTrans posted the complete step down procedures for decontaminating the machines on its secure website so field engineers could review the information. Next, TechTrans created a safety kit, including goggles, a lab coat and gloves. When a lab orders the removal of a piece of equipment a safety kit is shipped directly to the site and is waiting for the technician scheduled for the job. When the decontamination is complete, TechTrans packs and initiates shipment of the equipment back to the manufacturer.

The Result:

Now, when a hospital or lab has equipment to be decontaminated and returned, the manufacturer makes one call to schedule all the reverse logistics services. TechTrans arranges for a technician to decontaminate the machine and schedules the reverse logistics shipment. Now, rather than spending their time working on older units, the manufacturer’s technicians are able to concentrate on providing service for the new equipment their customers are using. As a result, technician response times have improved and customers are pleased with the service they receive. Throughout the process, the work schedule, proof of de-installation and shipment-tracking information is available to online at TechTrans’ own secure website.