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The Challenge:

A major worldwide manufacturer of analyzation devices, mainly utilized in hospitals and large commercial laboratories, had contracted with TechTrans to perform a “white glove” tech delivery of two analyzer devices. Each device weighed approximately 2,034 lbs., and needed to be unpacked and delivered to a second story laboratory facility. Deliveries of this nature are typically routine and experience very few challenges. In this particular project, however, the freight elevator for the facility could not accommodate the footprint of space required to lift the analyzers to the second floor. The analyzers would ultimately need to be carried up two flights of stairs, with a turn-landing between each flight.

The Approach:

The local TechTrans delivery agent assigned to perform this task accepted the stair obstacle challenge. The delivery techs, as well as field service personnel from the analyzer manufacturer, worked together to partially disassemble each analyzer, making them both lighter in weight and more maneuverable. To aid in getting the units up the stairs, the TechTrans delivery team decided to utilize a Stair Climbing Robot. Robots of this nature require extremely experienced operators and are very expensive as well as not readily available to most in the industry. Each analyzer was properly rigged and secured to the robot then elevated up the two flights of stairs individually.

The Result:

Despite much disbelief from many employees at the facility that this project could be successfully performed, the TechTrans delivery team maneuvered both units to the second story laboratory, delivering them damage-free. TechTrans accomplished the stair rigging, delivery / installation and clean-up after normal business hours so limited disruptions to the laboratory operations were experienced. The end-user clients as well as the manufacturer were extremely pleased with the professionalism deployed to identify and minimalize the known risks. Overall the delivery was considered a huge success on all levels.