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The Challenge:

When TechTrans was contracted to deliver and install a high-end, oversized cooking range in a second-floor urban apartment, the company knew things could heat up quickly without a careful and precise installation process planned. In of itself, the cooking range weighed more than 1,400 lbs., measured more than 10 feet long by 5 feet tall, and was valued at more than $100,000, making installation a potentially costly and challenging endeavor. And as is the case in most urban apartments, the stairs couldn’t be used to bring up the unit, due to its size and weight, therefore, a different approach would need to be taken.

The Approach:

Prior to the White Glove delivery team coming on site, a full site survey was done to assess the best possible approach to take for install. For delivery and install, an eight-man crew was required to complete this project within the specified time. Using a truck with lift gate to bring it on site, a forklift and shooting boom where used to bring it up to the second-floor. Install teams needed to remove the exterior balcony before bringing the unit through the second-floor window, before final white glove, inside-delivery to its final location.

The Result:

The unit was successfully delivered and installed in the new kitchen area of the apartment, and TechTrans crew teams performed final unpacking, debris removal and replacement of the exterior balcony – bringing everything back to its pre-install condition.