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Cutting Edge Transportation Services for Consumer Electronics

The Challenge:

A Consumer electronics manufacturer’s line of flat screen televisions is expensive and delicate, requiring the utmost care in shipping and handling to get it to various retailers nationwide. In addition, the product has a demanding shipping schedule because it arrives from overseas at the end of the month and then must be quickly shipped to retailers to meet consumer demand.

The Approach:

The manufacturer contracted with TechTrans to ship the product to national retailers because of our nationwide network of skilled, professional carriers and air-ride trucks. With our network and automated services, TechTrans can handle the demanding shipping schedule and quick turn-around times.

Because the manufacturer requires that its retail partners can provide installation, this was not a pre-requisite for the logistics company. The knowledge, however, that TechTrans can also take care of installation at the consumer’s home is reassuring to the manufacturer.

The Result:

With growing consumer demand, the number of television shipments has increased. Now, TechTrans ships more than 500 units a month and the product consistently arrives on time and in good condition. TechTrans has the flexibility to meet the growing demand and varied shipping schedules to deliver the product throughout the country.