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White Glove Logistics for 200 Retail Stores

The Challenge:

A leading specialty retailer of action sportswear needed to rollout an eight square modular wall to 200 of its top stores, located throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, before the holiday season. As if this wasn’t daunting enough, all the deliveries were to be White Glove, by appointment and performed at store closing, seven days a week.

Furthermore, the new fixtures required assembly at the store while an old fixture had to be removed for disposal or relocation. Finally, the project had to be concluded within two weeks and all deliveries completed the Friday before Thanksgiving.

The Approach:

TechTrans worked with fixture producer and the customer to develop installation instructions that could be easily communicated to logistics teams in the field. TechTrans went to the fixture vendor’s facility to document a prototype fixture and used the information to develop the complete field instructions. In order for the delivery team to know where to install the fixtures in the stores, the customer provided TechTrans with floor plans. These were posted along with the installation instructions on TechTrans’ secure website so this important information could be available to everyone on the logistics team. Based on the fixture vendor’s production schedules, TechTrans created a realistic shipping schedule and then devised a strategic routing plan. Working with local logistics teams, TechTrans provided a committed delivery schedule to the customer that fulfilled the strict delivery timeline.

The Result:

TechTrans successfully coordinated the safe and timely movement of a product that was shipped on oversized, 10 foot pallets, weighed 1,400 pounds and was not packaged for normal LTL shipping. In the end, TechTrans achieved 99.9 percent on-time deliveries that were 100 percent damage-free. TechTrans completed the complex deliveries within the original pricing bid and the customer was able to have their new strategic fixtures in place just in time for the busy holiday season.