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Real-Time Shipment Transparency is the New Norm

By Michael Pyle

Information Systems Manager

Technical Transportation, Inc

Logistics technology has had more than its fair share of impressive advancements over the past few years. But for the most part, advanced shipment technology has still been a “nice to have,”” rather than a business requirement for logistics providers.

Not anymore.

Technology has now advanced to the point that virtually every stakeholder can see where a shipment actually is in real-time, regardless of where it may be in the supply chain. Such powerful technology not only makes it easier for companies to share information, submit orders, track shipments and access informational updates-it also raises the bar on what customers expect from a shipment company.

Electronic paths with real-time transparency are fast-becoming the new norm for logistics providers. Because of the great influx of data now available, shippers can provide customers and suppliers on both ends of the spectrum with more information than was ever possible before.

Greater transparency, greater benefits.

Technology now allows us to better assess how much product is actually being used in the field. This offers a number of both business and consumer benefits because it’s now possible to:

  • Get a clear picture of the condition of equipment in transit
  • More accurately assess inventory needs
  • Reduce overhead that was previously needed to ensure sufficient supply
  • Actively utilize GPS trackers to monitor inventory
  • Give precise locations for product in transit at all times
  • And many more important benefits to transportation professionals and novices alike.

Besides the ability to precisely pinpoint every product’s location, advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT) will soon be able to harness unforeseen benefits with the increasing amounts of internet-equipped products Examples include:

  • Remote diagnostics
  • Remote service and upgrades on some equipment
  • Easily accommodate software upgrades
  • Provide real-time access to any damages or equipment failures in the field
  • And, of course, countless benefits we haven’t even thought of today.

Think of a world where drivers can have real-time communications back and forth to dispatch; instantly transmit paperwork and images including proof of delivery; share information to resolve issues immediately; enable dynamic shipping that begins the delivery process even before the paperwork is completed; and speeds up time of delivery without sacrificing quality.

It’s a world that’s already here today and will continue to provide significant advancements in the future. With the ability to share real-time shipment transparency at every stage in the delivery supply chain, everybody wins.

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