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Your Logistics Partner Should Be an Expert on YOU

By Len Batcha


Technical Transportation, Inc

If you’re looking for a logistics partner, there is a plethora in the market, but not all are created equal. So how do you find the right partner that will best meet your needs?

One determining factor to consider is, does the provider understand you? That means:

  • Knowing your industry
  • Knowing both your company and culture
  • Knowing your products intimately

And it’s this last point that we want to focus on in this blog. Think about it, you’re a manufacturer of complex, sensitive equipment or technology, where untrained handling could mean serious (and expensive) consequences and delays.

If your logistics provider is not willing to learn and understand the required processes and nuances of your products to minimize mistakes, then they’re not the partner for you.

Delivering specialized equipment requires skill, experience and product knowledge. The ideal partner would have a fully scalable, in-house training program to certify that their field service teams can properly handle your equipment.

At TechTrans, our customized training program features:

  • Training videos
  • Written instructions/documentation
  • Online testing
  • Certification of completion

A good training program assures that your logistics provider’s field service technicians understand your delivery expectations and how to best represent your brand to your customers. This includes:

  • Complying with your procedures
  • Understanding proper equipment handling
  • Maintaining consistency for all deliveries
  • Meeting quality control and assurance standards

So when searching for the best logistics partner for your company, make sure they’re willing to learn the details about you and your products. And make sure they’re willing and able to train their field service teams as well as everyone who comes in contact with your product. The effort will prevent many future headaches, both operationally and financially. It will also mean success for you with your end customers.

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