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New Year’s Resolution: Make Logistics Simple

By Len Batcha


Technical Transportation, Inc

If you’re still considering making your new year’s resolutions and setting your business goals, here’s one that can be quickly achieved:

Make your logistics simple.

Many manufacturers oversee complex supply chain operations, with separate providers for each step of the journey, starting at their warehouse and ending at the end-user’s location. From packaging, to transportation and delivery, to set-up and installation, there are a lot of moving parts to manage.

And for some manufacturers, simplifying this process may seem like a huge hurdle to overcome. But it can be achieved quickly with the right logistics partner that has the right mix of skills, expertise and capabilities.

The right third-party logistics (3PL) company could simplify your logistics by:

  1. Consolidating Vendors – There’s no need for you to juggle and manage all the moving parts of your supply chain. The right 3PL partner will ideally be a one-stop, single-source provider for you. They should be able to do it all, or at least have a network of partners that they manage to get the job done without any hassle or haggling for you.
  2. Providing a Single Contact – Even better, with the ideal partner, you should only have to interface with a single contact for all of your logistics needs. This person would get to intimately know your company and provide concierge-like service, helping you meet your supply chain goals. They should be your go-to person and an extension of your internal team.
  3. Simplifying Billing – In addition to managing the operational side of your logistics, the right partner for you will also handle the administrative side of logistics, and simplify any scheduling, contracting and billing so you only have to deal with a single invoice.
  4. Representing Your Brand – Your ideal partner, their employees and any other connected constituents should always have your brand values at the forefront of everything they do for you. From handling with care during shipping and delivery to providing friendly and helpful service and support during the final mile, the right partner should be your brand ambassador every step of the way.
  5. Single Point of Contact — The best supply chain partners will be single source providers that handle all of the moving parts for you, while proactively keeping you and your stakeholders updated on important deliverables and outcomes. Even better, they’ll supply you with a single contact person to further simplify your logistics processes.

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