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Optimize Your Demo Equipment Logistics to Close Sales

By Phil Burnette, Vice President-National Account Sales

Technical Transportation, Inc

Equipment demos and evaluations are the most effective and important sales tools for many manufacturers. So when a demo fails due to untimely equipment delivery or improper setup, it can be disastrous and potentially mean the loss of a sale or contract.

To create a successful demo program, manufacturers should align themselves with a demo logistics partner who can manage the demo move process by:

  • Scheduling the pickup, delivery and equipment install before a demo
  • Making sure demo units are delivered on time
  • Clearing packaging or crates before the demo
  • Ensuring they’re set up to working condition before each demo
  • Returning with the demo crate and packing up the equipment after the demo
  • Transporting it back to the demo hub
  • Cleaning and maintaining the equipment, keeping it in pristine condition
  • Preparing units for the next demo

At TechTrans, one of the first things we do is help a new demo partner evaluate their current demo inventory, look at their historic demo or event data, and then determine how to optimize their process.

This process helps manufacturers right-size their demo inventory by making efficient use of our demo hub network to place equipment in markets where it’s needed and optimizing the use of each piece of equipment. By creating these efficiencies, manufacturers can reduce the amount of capital expenditure on equipment needed for their demo program.

We also ensure our delivery and install teams are trained on a manufacturer’s specific equipment. This means the manufacturer’s salespeople no longer have to worry about the technical details of the demo, such as loading/unloading, unpacking crates, moving equipment to the demo location, or getting the equipment online. This frees them up to do the job they are hired to do: sell to the customer.

Also having a demo partner that has software solutions specific to the needs of a demo program is critical. TechTrans’ real-time dashboard shows GPS location data of all crates and instruments and tracks how long they’ve been at a particular site. Such software can also be used to help track utilization such as how long each unit has been used in the field, the number of demos/events a unit has been assigned to, and even the effectiveness of each salesperson in the number of demos held and closing sales.

It all works together to ensure an efficient and effective demo move program so your sales team, and your products, can shine.

If you’d like to learn more about demo move programs, we invite you to watch the video above or contact us today.

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