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Ensuring Quality in Your Supply Chain


By Len Batcha, CFO/President

Technical Transportation, Inc

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the supply chain industry has seen a lot of changes, and many of them are challenging for business and consumers alike. Headlined by the port backlogs and trucker crises, we’ve seen inconsistent availability of materials and items across numerous categories for several years now.

This degradation of quality throughout the industry is one of the lasting effects of the pandemic that we believe will continue in the near-term. In particular, the persistent issues of providing certain parts and equipment on time, as well as a reduction in reliable transportation services.

At TechTrans, our theme as an organization this year is to accentuate the quality aspect of our services and what we provide to our customers, so shipments are delivered on time and set up to our customers’ satisfaction.

To enhance our quality assurance, we’re analyzing and evaluating all of the information that we’ve been providing our customers. In particular, taking data that we have accumulated over the past several years to make better decisions with future projects.

We look at the scheduled delivery day, the scheduled pickup time, the scheduled delivery time, scheduled inventory of the assets, condition of the equipment, appearance of the equipment, and more.

We then input those data points into our quality system, which is called ESP, or Excellent Service Provided, and compare the schedule information against the actual data. Each event that doesn’t meet our standards is then reported as an Event Action Record, or EAR. So we’re listening to what our customers are telling us and learning more about what our performance predicates for the next delivery.

We then drill down to find out the root cause of each adverse event and we implement corrective actions in order to improve those experiences. By doing that, we’re continuously improving our customer experience.

Enhancing the quality of our services not only helps with customer satisfaction, but it also helps us justify how potential or existing customers can apply the same methodologies to their future logistics projects and endeavors.

If you have need for a single resource to handle all your transportation, logistics and field service needs, contact us today to learn more.

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