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Need for Demo Move Services Increasing as Pandemic Wanes

By Louis Black – VP of National Accounts

and Josh Duchniak – National Accounts

Technical Transportation, Inc

For manufacturers looking to get the most ROI from their investment in a logistics program, finding the right third-party logistics provider (3PL) is more than just choosing based on price. It’s about finding a true partner that can bring value-added services to the supply chain.

While some companies may choose to manage their demo logistics internally – an effort usually lead by their sales teams – there are multiple benefits to outsourcing this function. The primary advantage is the ability to free up your sales team to focus more on closing deals rather than unpacking, assembling and testing demo equipment prior to each sales call or trade show.

Outsourcing also puts the demo move capability back into the hands of the manufacturers’ asset management team, which can save time and money while minimizing mistakes and losses. It also gives manufacturers better inventory control of their products through proper tracking of each product in the field.

The need for outside help is especially important if you have to move large, high-value or highly sensitive equipment. A quality demo move partner should:

  • Know your industry – A good first impression is everything, even when a prospect “meets” your product for the first time. A logistics partner that understands your industry and the nuanced expectations of your potential customers can help your sales team set the stage for success.
  • Know your companyYour partner must be willing to learn the ins-and-outs of your equipment and become a de facto expert on your products, your company and your culture so they become knowledgeable brand ambassadors who can help answer any technical questions if ever called upon, even during the demo set up and takedown.
  • Be experienced with demo moves – You want someone who has done this before and can create a customized logistics plan that ensures your demo products are smartly packaged, safely moved and arrive at their destinations in pristine condition. The provider should also be able to efficiently serve your sales territories and easily adapt to changing conditions or a prospect’s needs.
  • Customize the program to you – No two demo moves are alike, so having a team that can create a customized program to meet the specific needs of your products and your customers is a must. This includes specialty packaging, coordinated transit times with field team arrivals, after-hours sets ups and customized reporting.
  • Protect your equipment – You want your equipment to be in its best condition when performing at a demo. Having a team that can provide multiple strategic warehouse locations can prove vital for managing unit utilization, avoiding equipment wear and tear, and controlling the amount of demo assets you have in the field. This also allows for equipment repairs at strategic locations, minimized transit times, spare critical parts storage, and most importantly, inventory management reporting.
  • Excel in the final mile – Your partner’s knowledge of your company and products should shine through in the final mile. In addition to white glove delivery, your 3PL should be able to arrive at the specified time to expertly assemble, set up and test your demo equipment to full working order to ensure optimal performance in front of your potential customers.

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