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​Training Makes Deliveries Safer & More Efficient

By Louis Black

VP, National Account Sales

Technical Transportation, Inc

Transporting and delivering large, complex and delicate equipment brings many challenges, because even the slightest mishandling can be expensive.That’s why it’s important that every member of the delivery team is on the same page.

To achieve this requires training team members on who the manufacturer is, background on the industry, and details on the products and end-users involved in each delivery. Scaling this at a national level also requires a formalized training program that is convenient for workers in multiple locations and time zones. In our experience, such a program helps:

  • Increase Knowledge
    They say knowledge is power, and by training personnel on the products they deliver and the companies they serve, teams are empowered to react and adapt to unforeseen issues in the field. An effective training program should feature web-based, media-rich materials, including instructional videos, diagrams, illustrations and manufacturer guidelines — all to help delivery teams better understand equipment handling procedures and quality control standards for each delivery.
  • Improve Efficiencies/Minimize Mistakes
    Knowledge also helps delivery personnel better understand the limitations and intricacies of each product they deliver. This can help them creatively craft delivery plans within those limitations that maximize efficiency and reduce mistakes. The end result is safe and secure transport and delivery of products while reducing costs and increasing profitability.
  • Improve Customer Experience
    Proper training can also help delivery team members provide a better experience for the end-customer. Whether it’s a knowledgeable answer to a question, providing helpful tips, troubleshooting, or helping with any on-site setup issues,, trained team members can provide “above and beyond” assistance to users and build customer loyalty for the manufacturer.
  • Increase Assurance
    Finally, a knowledgeable, competent delivery team gives manufacturers the confidence that their products and their brands will be well represented among their customers, and can help minimize some of the headaches that come with managing logistics for complex technology and equipment.

We have an in-house custom training program called TechTrans Learning Management System which comprehensively trains our field services team to meet the needs above. Learn more about TechTrans’ LMS.

As a manufacturer, are you having a hard time communicating your needs to your logistics and delivery teams? Do you need someone to help ensure easy compliance to industry standards and mandates? Contact us today to learn more.

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