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When Downtime Isn’t an Option for Spare Parts,Conventional Warehousing May Not be an Option Either

By Louis Black
Vice President, National Accounts
Technical Transportation, Inc

Complex equipment and technology usually serve an important purpose, and downtime of that equipment can be very costly, or even life-threatening, as it is in the medical field with MRI and C-ARM machines.

That high-pressure environment puts added responsibility on the manufacturers of these devices to keep replacement parts (and even replacement units) available for deployment at a moment’s notice to meet demand.

That dictates having a warehouse presence near any facilities that require same-day response. For many manufacturers, though, the traditional approach of owning and running the facilities needed for rapid nationwide reach can be very costly and adversely affect budgets.

The accessibility of on-demand warehousing today lightens this burden, but a successful replacement part program is not simply created through strategic warehousing and planning alone. It also needs the tactical support required to quickly deliver and install the replacement parts, and make sure the equipment is back up and running properly.

So where do you begin? When looking for a partner that can help you develop and run a critical parts replacement program, consider the following characteristics.

Traits of an Ideal Critical Parts Warehousing Partner

Flexible and Customizable—Your partner should be able to customize and scale a program to fully meet your needs — as well as your clients’. Whether it’s regional warehouse space with overnight delivery, or a location just down the street from a major client for urgent service, your partner should be able to procure the space and maintain the needed spare parts inventory.

Specialists in Your Industry—You don’t want a novice behind the wheels of your urgent maintenance calls. Make sure your partner is familiar with your industry and is willing to invest in compliance training of their team in order to quickly and efficiently replace parts and make repairs on your equipment.

Field Services Capabilities—Your partner’s field services reach should be as flexible and customizable as your warehousing solution. Whether you need them available 24/7 or just during the work week, they should have a nationwide reach and have an orientation towards customer service. After all, they are an extension of your brand to your customers.

A Single Source Provider—Finally, your partner should make things simple for you. There’s a lot of “moving parts” in any critical parts program, and your partner may have to use other subcontractors or vendors for additional support. However, you should never have to be directly involved in those processes. Your partner should be the single source you deal with for your parts program, and they should manage any additional partners or vendors separately (i.e. scheduling, invoicing, etc.).

Do you need help with your replacement parts logistics? TechTrans has a program specifically built for this need. Contact us today to learn more.

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