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​Customer Service is More Than a Luxury with High-End Residential Logistics

By Louis Black

VP, National Account Sales

Technical Transportation, Inc

According to research, the global luxury furniture market is expected to reach $29 million by 2022, growing at a rate of 4% since 2014. The biggest reason for the growth in this sector is the rise in disposable income that leads to a rise in demand for luxury living. As the market for high-end home appliances and furniture grows, the need for quality logistics providers to perform premium in-home delivery and installation services also increases.

It stands to reason that when people buy premium, expensive items, your average delivery company with two guys in dirty t-shirts and torn blue jeans won’t cut it. With luxury purchases, the customer’s expectations are extremely high, and the level of service must meet or exceed those expectations — for the end customer as well as the manufacturer or retailer.

For example, if a person buys a $14,000 massage chair from a luxury retailer, they expect to receive a premium experience when it is delivered in their home, akin to the price they paid. That means for retailers or manufacturers of such products, excellent service needs to accompany the product all the way to its final destination.

The good news is, there are logistics companies that can cater to those needs. When looking for a partner that can ensure a premium experience for your customers, consider the following:

  • Are they flexible? – Is your provider willing and able to change their delivery operations in mid-stream to meet unexpected and unknown needs or requirements? Customers will expect anyone who handles their product to go the extra mile – so make sure your logistics provider can deliver.
  • Do they provide great customer service? – This translates to going beyond just getting product safely through the front door. That might mean helping the customer move furniture in the home to accommodate the new piece, or helping with setup to get the item operational or even fully built. If your logistics provider can’t deliver concierge-level, problem-solving service with the utmost professionalism, then they won’t be the right provider for this type of delivery.
  • Will they be your brand ambassadors? – To take customer service a step further, your logistics partner should be willing to learn and understand your expectations or even the nuances of the products they are delivering. That way they become a seamless part of your organization, your culture and your mission.
  • Do they specialize in white glove delivery? – Beyond handling product with care, 3PLs in the luxury residential space must understand the equipment, furniture or appliances they are delivering and installing are highly expensive — potentially one-of-a-kind products — which must be flawlessly delivered into the customer’s home environment. This also must be done without disturbing and damaging anything else in the home, or leaving any mess or debris.
  • Do they have the right experience? – Make sure your logistics partner has the proven expertise with similar delicate, heavy-weight or expensive products. A standard white-appliance delivery provider will typically not have the background necessary to perform premium services for products carrying a premium price tag.

More importantly, having one vendor and point of contact that handles everything from initial pick-up to final install and setup means you have less processes/people to manage. It also gives you the assurance that your service expectations won’t get watered down through a lengthy supply chain.

In the luxury residential logistics space, your white glove delivery and install team are the final leg of the sales process and must represent your own brand, truly acting as an extension of your company while in the customer’s home. That way, you can feel confident that your end customers will receive the best customer experience from the moment they enter your store or visit your website, all the way to when they are enjoying your product in their home.

If you have questions on our residential services, feel free to contact us and one of our experts will help provide the answer.

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