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​TechPlus: A Service Above and Beyond Delivery Expectations

By Sean Horner

Vice President Operations

Technical Transportation, Inc

A major difference between a logistics provider and a logistics partner is the partner’s willingness and ability to go the extra mile and solve a multitude of issues or problems that may arise in your supply chain operations.

Beyond getting a manufacturer’s product from point A to point B, and even performing basic debris removal and setting product in place, some customers need more specialized services. That’s where our TechPlus services come in, offering a range of additional services that go above and beyond, including:

  • Product Assembly
  • Programming / Configurations
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Software Upgrades
  • Installation / Networking

With these options available under our service umbrella, our customers with heavy weight or highly specialized equipment don’t have to source these separately, nor do they have to send their own field service personnel, thus incurring additional expenses (sometime to the tune of $200-$400 per hour).

With our TechPlus services, we employ delivery crews that do the basics, and then we coordinate our more technical teams to arrive as the shipment arrives, so the setup services are done on the spot, reducing product downtime by making it operational as quickly as possible. We also coordinate scheduling with the manufacturer’s internal people as well, to minimize any of their time or dollars spent to manage the process.

In our TechPlus portal, we also set up electronic checklists for our clients to aid in transparency and ensure the required steps are completed. This includes conducting site surveys ahead of the shipment’s arrival to determine if there are any issues on site that should be anticipated during delivery, assembly and set up. The portal also features:

  • Seamless status updates
  • Photos of the installed product(s)
  • Necessary signed documentation
  • And more.

Our TechPlus services are efficiently designed to get our clients’ products operational as soon as possible, saving everyone both time and money. Contact us today to learn more.

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