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Tips for Residential Delivery of Big Ticket Items this Holiday Season

By Louis Black

VP, National Account Sales

Technical Transportation, Inc

The holidays are once again upon us, which means a busy shopping season, as well as a busy season for logistics companies that deliver online sales directly to consumers.

According to Coresight Research, “total online sales excluding automobiles will rise over 16 percent year over year during the holiday period.” In addition, “e-commerce will capture 20 percent of all non-food retail sales, up from around 18.5 percent for the final quarter of 2017.”

This translates to lots more packages being delivered this holiday season. And while the USPS, UPS and FedEx handle many of the smaller items, big-ticket items such as consumer electronics, furniture and appliances still require more skilled transportation and delivery.

Manufacturers and retailers should consider the following when looking for a value-added logistics partner this holiday season (and really, any time of year).

  • Handle with Care — Unlike smaller boxed items, larger furniture and electronics require more care during transportation and delivery. Logistics partners should have the tools and know-how to properly navigate a variety of home environments, from single-story homes to multi-level apartments of any size or age. For consumers, these are expensive purchases and should be treated as such.
  • Installation Needed — A residential logistics partner should offer the expertise and capability needed to install your products if requested by the customer. Whether it’s a TV, washing machine or refrigerator, a good partner would be well-versed in residential installations.
  • Customer Service a Priority — Since there are many buying options for consumers in the new omnichannel retail world, it’s important that logistics providers demonstrate good customer service, and go the extra mile for customers if needed.
  • Efficiently Efficient — Part of good customer service is a commitment to efficiency. Time management is important for your customers, as well as for you as the manufacturer or retailer. An efficient partner can fit in more deliveries in a day, which helps you move more merchandise and keeps everyone happy.

Good timing and an eye on the sky is also important. Weather can potentially affect schedules for deliveries, and residential areas that are experiencing heavy snow or flooding may be difficult to access. That’s why many carriers are advising to have products shipped by Dec. 14 in order to have them delivered before Christmas Day.

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Carriers are advising to have products shipped by the 14th in order to have a chance of delivery before Christmas Day.

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