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Giving Thanks for Our Employees

By Len Batcha


Technical Transportation, Inc

This Thanksgiving week, many families will gather together and reflect on the people, good fortune and gratitude that abounds. As a company, it gives us a moment to show our appreciation and thankfulness for our most valuable asset – our employees.

At TechTrans, our employees are the biggest reason why we have been a successful company for almost 30 years. And they’re the number one reason why companies continue to turn to us for their supply chain and logistics needs.

Incentives for Success

Our company structure centers around a dedicated account coordinator and/or team for each customer, which ensures deep knowledge about the customers and end-users we serve. This also means our customers have one point of contact who knows the history of the account and real-time information on where their products are in the supply chain. In fact, our employees become an integral part of those customers’ teams.

As with most dedicated teams, the more we help our customers succeed, the more we as a 3PL provider succeed. Which is why we give thanks to our employees by offering the opportunity to share in incentives for success. Through bonus structures, we let our employees share in company profits if they help:

  • Improve supply chain processes
  • Increase volume of activity
  • Increase revenue or growth profit margins
  • Enhance productivity through technology and other tools

Employee Empowerment

As an organization, we are set up to empower our employees to make decisions that can best meet the needs and expectations of our customers, from both a financial and customer service perspective.

This approach gives our employees ownership in the company, as well as a sense of pride in their jobs. We also offer a flexible work environment for employees, allowing them to shape their work hours around times that best serve the needs of their customers or internal teams. A culture that embraces work-life balance means a more satisfied workforce, and a better ROI for the company.

In the end, this philosophy has given us:

  • A stable company that has operated profitably each year for almost 30 years
  • Longevity in the workforce, with employees who have been with the company for decades
  • A management team with 25+ years in the company, providing a senior mentor base for new employees and stability for clients
  • A family-based environment, built around compliance standards and operational structure

We’ve got a great company at TechTrans, and it all comes down to our people. So this Thanksgiving week, we acknowledge their hard work and dedication, and gives thanks for all the ways they prove to be our most valued asset.

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