IT Solutions

The TechTrans website, with multiple security features to ensure privacy of customer information, offers a confidential and easily accessible hub for our customers to order and manage a variety of third party logistics services and specialized delivery solutions. Our log-in portal provides 24-hour access to information-on-demand about every aspect of their current, past and upcoming shipments. Our specialized Tech Track App makes accessing shipment information even easier from your mobile device. All our IT solutions come with customer service and support from a friendly staff ready to assist you at every step

Shipment Tracking

For 24-hour access to shipping information

Online Waybill

Initiate shipments anywhere at any time

Tech Track App

Use a mobile device to track shipments

Custom Solutions:

Provide the exact level of service required

Shipment Tracking Services

Our Online shipment tracking feature allows customers to have secure, 24-hour access to instant, up-to-the minute information on shipments

TechTrans IT solutions shipment tracking services proof of delivery
  • Searches via waybill, date, origin and consignee
  • Proof of delivery (POD) information with:
    • Consignee
    • Delivery time
    • Setup confirmation
  • On demand activity reports
  • Private and multi-level access options

Customized Online Waybill Services

Your shipping department or drop-ship vendor can initiate shipments anywhere at any time via the Internet. With TechTrans Online Waybill, customers:

TechTrans IT solutions online waybill tracking look-up, delivery schedule proof of delivery
  • Can use their own reference number as the waybill number
  • Specify the type of service required
  • Specify the number of crew members needed
  • Have 24-hour access to information about Their shipment, including:
    • Tracking
    • Waybill look-up
    • Delivery schedule
    • Proof of delivery
  • Have confidence because our built-in security checks eliminate:
    • Hacking
    • Errors
    • Duplication

The Tech Track App

TechTrans offers the exclusive Tech Track App for our agents. This custom application allows our agents to track orders on your mobile device. One click on the icon allows users to:

TechTrans Tech Track App mobile device proof of delivery shipment details customer signature
  • Confirm proof of deliveries
  • See a list of open orders
  • View shipment details
  • Obtain customer signature
  • Confirm delivery and customer satisfaction

Custom Solutions

TechTrans offers custom solutions designed to provide our customers with the exact level of service they require. Whatever specialized delivery solutions you require, whether you need to run specific reports or the ability to order engineering services with deliveries, we can make them available through the website portal. Examples of these services include:

  • Order Fulfillment: Manage product deliveries to your customers
  • Field Engineering: Order teams for equipment installations or removals
  • Customized Reports: Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • Inventory Management: Accurate inventory counts of equipment in the field & in warehouses

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