You want the peace of mind knowing that your shipment is on pace and delivered on time & successfully. You also need access to your valuable information like shipment tracking, waybill services, billing, and the ability to easily place an order.

With TechTrans’ customized shipment-tracking services we make sure you have it. With our user-friendly online system & mobile app you can access your information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


TechTrans created a proprietary mobile app called TechTrack® for your tracking needs.

TechTrack® enables our delivery and installation teams to provide you updated tracking information on each shipment. You can confirm proof of deliveries, check the status of open orders, obtain customer signatures & confirm your customer’s overall satisfaction with the shipment.

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Access Shipment Details with TechTrack®

With TechTrack, you'll have access to:

  • On demand activity reports
  • Private and multi-level access options
  • Shipping information via waybill, date, origin and consignee.
  • Instant quality feedback with our customized Delivery Checklist
  • Proof of Delivery information with consignee, delivery time, and setup confirmation
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Custom Solutions To Fit Your Needs

TechTrans wants to make things easy for you. We offer customized solutions designed to provide our customers with the exact level of service they require. From running specific reports to ordering engineering services with deliveries, you can access any service through our secure website portal.

Initiate Shipments Anytime & Anywhere

If you want to provide departmental access to our tracking services, your logistics teams or drop-ship vendor can initiate shipments or access online waybill tracking at anytime, from anywhere. With TechTrans’ online waybill tracking you can:


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Reverse Logistics

TechTrans creates a customized and efficient reverse logistics plan to meet your needs.
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Blog Post

Where's My Stuff?

In today's business and consumer world, you want the affirmation and reliability that comes with knowing your shipment order is on pace to deliver on time and is delivered successfully.
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Blog Post

Real-Time Shipment Transparency is the New Norm

Logistics technology has had more than its fair share of impressive advancements over the past few years. But for the most part, advanced shipment technology has still been a "nice to have," rather than a business requirement for logistics providers.

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