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Reverse logistics is a pain for most manufacturers, and especially for companies that have high-value, highly complex products. The primary challenge is determining how to manage a reverse logistics program of this big equipment in a way that accurately values the inventory at the time of pick up and manages customer expectations, all while reducing overall costs.

Many manufacturers have taken on the burden themselves, moving their field service engineers (FSEs) to this unprofitable task. But a third-party partner that is experienced in your industry may be able to create a win-win situation for everyone involved.

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Efficient and Conscious Reverse Logistics

TechTrans is one such provider, with more than 30 years in the logistics (and reverse logistics) business and a special knack for helping companies safely move and manage big, expensive and complex equipment like cash management systems, large healthcare technology and more. We also have direct and extensive experience in multiple vertical markets and can "speak the language" and understand the unique needs of the players in those spaces.


By choosing us, you'll receive a reverse logistics partner that gets to know your company intimately and creates a customized and efficient reverse logistics plan to meet the needs of you and your end-customers. Even more, we become a single-source provider and brand ambassador, meaning you don't have to worry about all the moving parts. You'll simply receive concierge-level interaction with your dedicated customer support team.

So whether you have a product that needs replaced, or a line of equipment that has reached it's end-of-life and needs certified, environmentally friendly disposal or recycling, TechTrans is here for you. We bring creative, efficient solutions to any reverse logistics need you may encounter.


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Demo Move

Is demonstrating equipment necessary for your sales process? As a single-source logistics provider, TechTrans provides logistics support for equipment & product demonstrations.
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Efficient Reverse Logistics Offers Opportunities for Profit Growth

Returning purchased items or swapping out existing equipment in the field can be a difficult – and costly process – for everyone, from end-users, to retailers, to manufacturers, and all of the logistical touch points in between.
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Supply Chain Product Recycling

Plans for efficient and sustainable end-of-life product destruction should be a crucial component for any logistics program.

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