Freight Forwarding

Getting your products to customer locations across the country can be daunting for many manufacturers. Managing the different modes of transportation, the multitude of vendors and all the paperwork could almost drive you crazy. But with TechTrans, we provide comprehensive freight forwarding solutions that eliminate those hassles, while getting your product where it needs to go.

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Forwarded and Delivered

TechTrans has been in the freight forwarding business for almost 30 years, helping companies of all shapes and sizes achieve their logistics goals. With our network of reliable carriers and partners, our experts can craft a customized intermodal freight forwarding plan that is both efficient and efficacious for you and your customers.

In addition to transportation, we can also secure warehousing for your products anywhere in North America to further assist with your logistics needs. Even more, we are a single source provider, meaning you only deal with our dedicated account team as we manage all of the moving parts.


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Get peace-of-mind with real-time shipment tracking anywhere in the U.S.
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Blog Post

Logistics Made Simple

Simplifying your logistics may be a huge hurdle to overcome. But it can be achieved with the right partner that has the right mix of skills and capabilities.
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Blog Post

Reducing the Carbon Footprint Still a Work-in-Progress for the Complex Equipment Logistics Space

The space of highly complex and sensitive equipment has proven more challenging with regards to emissions reduction.

Ready to move your equipment on time and on target? Let us move your business forward.

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