Of the thousands of miles your products travel each year, the first mile and the last mile are perhaps the two most important. Whether it’s packaging, prepping and securing a large piece of equipment for the cross-country haul, or ensuring pristine white-glove delivery of a delicate technology, you know that even the smallest mistake can cause big headaches.

What it comes down to is expertise, service and commitment. Do you have a logistics partner that embodies these characteristics and can be there for you from the first hello to the last goodbye? TechTrans can be that partner for you.

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Expert logistics service, from point A to B. Literally.

At TechTrans, we have extensive experience and expertise in securing, transporting, delivering and installing a wide range of large, delicate and expensive technology. We learn the intricacies and nuances of your products and how moving the devices can affect them, so we become de facto experts on your company and your products. We then create customized, detailed procedures that will serve the best interests of you, your products and your customers.

Our final mile goes even further than most providers. Our team will expertly set up and install your products to full working capacity. At the end of the process, your customer should be able to use the product as it’s fully intended.

You’ll also experience transparency and visibility throughout the process, with real-time tracking and delivery confirmation of your products. And our customer-facing team members will always act knowledgably and professionally, providing excellent customer service and acting as extensions of your brand.


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