Final Mile to Us Means User-Ready for You

Getting your high-value equipment delivered, set up and ready to market or demo can be a stressful experience. There are a lot of moving parts and different skillsets required to be successful, and they must all be carefully orchestrated in a timely manner.

With TechTrans, we take those worries away from you.

We become a single-source partner for you, providing you with a dedicated account team that manages all aspects of the process, from specialized white-glove delivery, to final setup and diagnostics from our field service teams.

We've Assembled a Network of Value-Added Experts in Your Field

Our field services offering includes a network of value-added providers that are specialists in the fields that we serve. If needed, we’ll call upon them to ensure that your equipment—no matter how complex—is expertly installed and fully operational when we’re done.

When working with one or more partners, we typically conduct the pick-up, delivery, uncrating, basic install, set up and debris removal. And when the installation requires additional attention, we then manage the logistics and coordination of our partners to get the equipment or product up and running and ready for use.

This means you can avoid the internal costs of hiring and training field service agents, and eliminate travel expenses by outsourcing field services to local/regional qualified and certified agents.

Equipment Diagnostics

Once your product has been delivered, our field service agents and technicians, who have in-depth knowledge of quality control processes, will make sure it is properly installed, and will do a complete inspection to make sure it is working properly. If necessary, we will also connect it to the proper servers or networks.

Scientific/Lab Equipment Repair

Even the most sophisticated equipment breaks down from time to time. But with TechTrans, it will be up and running in no time as our field service technicians are trained to make on-site repairs, saving you weeks-long delays from having to send it back to the manufacturer. We can even take care of routine cleanings, and for medical equipment, keep it sanitized as well.

System Upgrades and Configurations

New technologies today are being developed at the speed of innovation, and this means most equipment will need system upgrades on an on-going basis. In addition, new equipment must be configured prior to use, or an existing system may need to be re-configured during an upgrade or maintenance. Either way, our field service agents can take on this non-revenue generating task, saving you time and money on deploying internal staff.

At TechTrans, we’ll take care of all of it all for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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Delivery and set up of imaging machines, ophthalmology devices and more.


White glove delivery, from the first to the last mile.


Customized retail management solutions for your store's specific needs.


Server relocation and testing of high end technical equipment.