Product Demonstration Logistics

Is demonstrating equipment necessary for your sales process? As a single-source logistics provider, TechTrans provides logistics support for equipment & product demonstrations.

TechTrans' Demo Move program is tailored to support your sales demonstrations. Our services include equipment transportation, installation, set-ups & takedowns. We focus on your equipment logistics so you can spend your valuable time on sales demonstrations.

Equipment Logistics For Sales Demos

We know you want to focus on sales and growing your business. That’s why TechTrans created the Demo Move Program— specifically to support your sales teams.

By working with TechTrans, your sales reps no longer need to unpack, assemble, activate & test demo equipment prior to a sales demonstration. We take the burden off of your sales team so they can focus on sales & marketing.

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Equipment Ready For Product Demonstrations

We have teams of highly specialized field agents that can get your equipment sales demo ready. Services include:

  • Diagnostic testing
  • Operator training
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Networking with on-site systems to calibrate and sync your equipment

Inventory Control Management

We help you utilize your current demo equipment by keeping track of your equipment inventory and determining appropriate stocking levels. By reducing inventory assets in the field, our inventory management can help reduce your field costs.

As a single-source third party logistics provider, our transportation services include White Glove Delivery and equipment unpacking for high-end, heavy-weight equipment—wherever you need it.

Our account team assists you with your shipping and logistics needs and provides you with real-time updates and information on your shipment.


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First Mile/Last Mile

Of all the miles your products may travel, the first mile and the last mile are the two most important.
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Ready to move your equipment on time and on target? Let us move your business forward.

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