Since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, smart lockers have become more popular than ever for consumers to receive contactless deliveries. For venues and manufacturers, however, deploying these large, heavy and expensive lockers can be a challenging and costly task if not handled by an expert team.

At TechTrans, we have more than 30 years of experience delivering cumbersome, high-value equipment like smart lockers to a wide variety of locations nationwide. We can be the partner you need to get your products safely to their destinations and in working order, all while helping you reduce costs.

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The TechTrans Logistics Approach

A TechTrans rollout and installation of smart-locker technology would include multiple logistics phases, including:

  • Conducting a preliminary site survey
  • Creating a customized logistics plan
  • Setting up strategic warehousing
  • Transporting the products to their destination
  • Providing safe white-glove delivery
  • Conducting hardware and software installation and setup
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A More Efficient and Cost-Effective Way

While a smart-locker manufacturer could take on the logistics themselves, it often becomes more efficient and cost-effective to find a logistics partner like TechTrans, because we already have the knowledge base, skill sets and processes in place to seamlessly handle the entire process—from the time it leaves your facility to the moment that it’s ready for your end-customer.


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Quality Promise

We have taken a scientific approach to quality by implementing internal quality assurance programs that combine analytics, evaluation and training.
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TechPlus Field Services

A major difference between a logistics provider and a logistics partner is the partner’s willingness and ability to go the extra mile in supply chain operations.
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Smart Lockers Require Smart Logistics

With a rollout or installation of this technology, you need to consider multiple logistics phases for each install.

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