Expensive, high-end technology requires specialized and highly professional logistics and delivery. Any mistake or slip up could be very costly. It’s a task that may seem daunting for most manufacturers, but for TechTrans, it’s just what we do every day.

As a single-source, third-party nationwide logistics and transportation provider, we have years of experience helping leading technology equipment manufacturers deliver their products safely, on time and with no size or weight restrictions.


We consistently maintain a 99.5% service-level rating with our customers, and have over 30 years of experience helping high-value electronics equipment manufacturers deliver a variety of products, including:

  • ATMs
  • Copiers
  • Specialized precision instruments
  • Computer data storage systems
  • Server rack systems
  • And more


Our telecommunications logistics services include deployment of field equipment for wired and wireless technologies, as well as coordination of time-sensitive deliveries for:

  • Central offices
  • Customer premise equipment
  • Controlled environment vault
  • Microwave sites
  • Cell sites
  • And remote locations



First Mile/Last Mile

Of all the miles your products may travel, the first mile and the last mile are the two most important.
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TechPlus: A Service Above and Beyond Delivery Expectations

A major difference between a logistics provider and a logistics partner is the partner’s willingness and ability to go the extra mile in supply chain operations.
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When Downtime Isn't an Option for Spare Parts, Conventional Warehousing May Not be an Option Either

Complex equipment and technology usually serve an important purpose, and downtime of that equipment can be very costly, or even life-threatening. That dictates having a warehouse presence near any facilities that require same-day response.

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