E-commerce and online shopping have changed consumer buying behavior—and expectations—forever. In fact, one out of every two consumers today prefers to shop online, and nearly 100% of all buyers have made an online purchase at one time or another.

What’s more, e-commerce and multi-channel retailing are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. So are consumer demands.

At TechTrans, we understand that direct-to-consumer delivery is more important to every seller today than ever before. As residential delivery experts, we offer you a single source for home deliveries that require the highest quality, service and care.

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White Glove Services for High-End Consumer Goods

As a third-party logistics provider, TechTrans specializes in delivering big-ticket consumer items that require white-glove service for shipments anywhere in the United States. Examples include:

  • Electronics
  • Home theater systems
  • High-end furnishings
  • Other customized orders

Complete Logistics Solutions for Residential Customers

As the final point of contact for your customers, we also take the responsibility for representing your brand professionally. And we realize that by satisfying the demands of your customers, we also strengthen your brand’s reputation in the market.

We also offer multiple service levels for residential drop-ship orders, including:


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White Glove Delivery

When "handle with care" isn't enough, turn to logistics experts who can get the job done.
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Transparency in Transit is An Evolving Norm in Residential Logistics

As consumers continue to expect personalized service on all fronts, there is a growing demand for transparency and information between pick-up, delivery and, in some cases, even installation.
White Glove Delivery Image of Furniture Delivery
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Customer Service is More Than a Luxury with High-End Residential Logistics

As the market for high-end home appliances and furniture grows, the need for quality logistics providers to perform premium in-home delivery and installation services also increases.

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