We have extensive industry experience working with specialized medical equipment and instruments, and we always provide a dedicated account team for every customer. It’s one of the main reasons why our customers give TechTrans 99.5% service-satisfaction rating year after year.

TechTrans also has an in-depth knowledge of regulatory demands and proven quality-control processes. No matter how complex the equipment, our teams of field service technicians and professional delivery crews ensure safe, timely deliveries anywhere in the United States.

Medical Logistics Expertise

Our expertise includes years of experience with virtually every kind of highly specialized healthcare equipment, including:

  • Surgical C-arms
  • Ultrasound imaging
  • Diagnostic lab testing
  • Incubators/warmers anesthetics
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pathology
  • And more

Field Service Support

TechTrans also offers expanded field service agents to extend your resources and bring value-added solutions to highly complicated delivery projects. Examples include:

  • Comprehensive origin-to-end user logistics services
  • Delivery-assist expertise for specialized medical equipment
  • Web-based product-specific training for quality control
  • Inventory management system for consumables and trunk stock



Life Sciences

Laboratory and life sciences equipment is uniquely designed to support some of the most critical and specialized functions in healthcare. Likewise, TechTrans provides critical and specialized logistics services for life science equipment manufacturers.
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The Responsible Disposal of Old Medical Devices

As we all know, existing medical equipment and technology begin to go out-of-date almost as soon as they hit the market for use. Medical equipment manufacturers prepare for obsolescence by developing new products with approved technologies and ergonomic enhancements, all while existing products are still in production. This ensures the constant development of new-generation products, but also leaves a continued supply of obsolete equipment in its wake.
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When Seconds Count, Hospitals Need Top-Tier Logistics Partners

In hospitals, seconds can mean the difference between life and death, and downtime is not an option.

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