The safe and timely white glove delivery of your dental equipment and devices may feel similar to a root canal, but for TechTrans it’s as routine as pulling a tooth.

No matter how complex your equipment may be, TechTrans can be your experienced, single-source transportation and logistics partner that offers the professional expertise, quality care and operational efficiency that you need and deserve.

And from the moment we pick up your product to its final setup and installation, we’ll be your brand ambassadors, delivering excellent customer service to your end-user.

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Experts in Dental Equipment

TechTrans has expertise with a wide range of highly specialized dental equipment, including:

  • Dental/orthodontic patient treatment chairs
  • In-office/in-lab implant milling machines
  • CAD/CAM systems
  • Surgical equipment
  • Sterilization units

Core Services

Dental instruments, equipment and devices require the utmost care and attention to detail during transport and delivery. Based on our years of experience, TechTrans has perfected a core set of logistics services designed to safely and efficiently get your equipment where it needs to be. These services encompass:


First-Mile Last-Mile Image of Mileage Sign

First Mile/Last Mile

Of the thousands of miles your products may travel, the first mile and last mile are the most important. TechTrans has you covered.
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