For retailers looking to automate their cash room operations, cash management systems such as cash recyclers and smart safes play an important role in maintaining safety, security and efficiency.

However, many of these machines are large, heavy, cumbersome to move, and delicate. Just the slightest bump or mishap can potentially have big consequences. Handling such equipment requires very specialized transportation, delivery and installation procedures.

To help ensure success, an experienced service provider who can accommodate these challenges and requirements is a must-have.

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Comprehensive Logistics Offering

Our logistics services for cash management systems are not only limited to the delivery itself:

  • Pre-delivery site survey at the retailer's location
  • Pickup from the manufacturer's site
  • Transportation to the retailer's location
  • Remote storage if required
  • Installation at time of delivery
  • Removal of legacy systems
  • Transportation or disposal of legacy systems


Many retailers have very small back-office spaces to hold the equipment, plus, they require time-specific installation appointments (sometimes even overnight) to avoid business disruptions.

With more than 20 years of experience providing logistics for this type of equipment, TechTrans creates customized delivery and installation plans for cash management systems that includes the specialized tools and equipment needed to transport, deliver and set up the technology at the end-customers' sites in a manner that fits their needs and schedule.

Our unique capabilities also allow us to create a “one-stop shop” for our clients, to handle what commonly requires multiple suppliers. We make your job easier by providing all of the services you need to handle the process with a single account team and contact person that becomes familiar with your product and customers, and serves as an extension of your brand and operations.


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TechPlus® Field Service Management

TechTrans goes the extra mile with custom equipment installation & maintenance plans for your needs.
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