Where the Final Mile Meets the Extra Mile

Once our white glove delivery services are completed, your sensitive, high-end equipment or product will have reached its destination in pristine condition. That’s when our TechPlus Services take over.

At TechTrans, we want to go the distance for you by not only ensuring safe and timely delivery of your product, but also by making sure it is user-ready for your customers. This includes any initial setup, installation, networking, calibration and testing required to get your product up and running. So when we’re done, it is completely ready for your customer to operate it as intended. Ideally, this all takes place on the same day as delivery.

Our TechPlus Services will increase your supply chain efficiency, decrease your customers’ downtime and virtually eliminate your logistical headaches.

Your Single-Source Provider

To get the job done, we manage partners of highly sensitivefield service engineers (FSEs) across the United States that are ready to make our TechPlus Services a reality for your next product delivery. Our teams are available seven days a week, in every zip code, thereby reducing shipping costs and timelines for you and your customers.

And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about all of the moving parts, or even managing multiple vendors. We take care of that for you as your single-source partner for everything—from the moment your product is ordered, through its delivery, to the final setup and installation.

To top it off, we’ll be your brand ambassadors the entire way, delivering excellent customer service to your end-user.

Unrivaled Expertise

TechTechTrans has expertise with a wide range of highly specialized equipment, including:

Our Track Record

For more than 20 years we have provided specialized logistics for the medical market, as well as leading technology equipment and high-value product manufacturers. We have in-depth knowledge of logistics practices for precision instruments, as well as proven quality control processes.

You can be confident that our TechPlus FSE teams have the skills to complete safe, timely deliveries, install equipment, and undertake a variety of non-revenue generating tasks—no matter how complex the equipment.

Constant Training

We understand that setting up and installing specialized equipment requires skill, experience and product knowledge.

So TechTrans has created a fully scalable, web-based training program to certify that we have the best-trained field service staff to handle your equipment. Our training programs assure you that all TechTrans field service teams that handle your equipment understand your delivery expectations and how to best represent your brand.

But we're not done yet...

After we’re done with our TechPlus Services, our Field Services division is ready to help you with ongoing maintenance, upgrades and support for your products and your customers. Like the TechPlus team, our Field Service team is equally trained and capable to delivery expert, timely service with a nationwide reach. Click here to learn more.

our primary target Industry segments


Delivery and set up of imaging machines, ophthalmology devices and more.


White glove delivery, from the first to the last mile.


Customized retail management solutions for your store's specific needs.


Server relocation and testing of high end technical equipment.

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