Going the Distance for You and Your Customers

High-end equipment and technology continually changes at the speed of innovation, which means there are ongoing upgrades, maintenance and trade-ins that both you and your end-users must contend with.

With TechTrans, we take those worries away from you.

As your single-source logistics partner, we manage all of the moving parts: from the initial pickup, transport and delivery, to our white glove setup and debris removal and even our TechPlus services for more complicated equipment. But once your equipment is in the field and in use, that’s where our specialized Field Services come into play.

Whether it’s a product that is no longer working, needs an upgrade, or must be swapped out for a newer model, our program is designed to handle those non-revenue generating activities that are often assigned to in-house field service or sales teams. This frees up your personnel to focus on other more critical revenue-building functions.

What We Support

Our Field Services team supports a wide range of sophisticated and complex equipment and technology, taking on functions that help support your assets in the field while saving you time and money on deploying internal staff. We support:

What We Do

Most equipment will need system upgrades and maintenance on an ongoing basis. And even the most sophisticated equipment breaks down from time to time. But with TechTrans, we can save you the cost and time of deploying your own sales teams or returning equipment to the manufacturer. Our field service technicians are trained to support:

  • On-site repairs and maintenance
  • Routine cleanings and sanitization
  • System updates and configurations
  • Equipment swap-outs
  • And more

We've Assembled a Network of Value-Added Experts in Your Field

Our Field Services feature a network of value-added providers that are specialists in the fields that we serve. If needed, we’ll call upon them to ensure that your equipment—no matter how complex—is expertly updated and maintained as needed to keep it operating optimally.

When working with one or more partners, we manage the logistics and coordination of each provider to increase the efficiency of your product maintenance while reducing any customer downtime.

We’ll also help you avoid the internal costs of hiring and training field service agents, while also eliminating the travel expenses required when outsourcing field services to local/regional qualified and certified agents.

At TechTrans, we’ll take care of all of it all for you. Contact us today to learn more.

our primary target Industry segments


Delivery and set up of imaging machines, ophthalmology devices and more.


White glove delivery, from the first to the last mile.


Customized retail management solutions for your store's specific needs.


Server relocation and testing of high end technical equipment.

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