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TechTrans concentrates on specialized delivery solutions for transportation and deployment of technical equipment and merchandise requiring specific Industry expertise. We provide our customers with unparalleled service deliverables, real-time visibility, customizable applications, and proactive solutions to meet every challenge. We offer nationwide logistics, including first mile, last mile and white glove services. TechTrans’ “Best in Class” solutions software and applications enable us to effectively deploy resources to provide customizable solutions expediently, efficiently, and economically.

Dedicated Account Specialists/Team

Providing individual support for your logistics program

Customizable Solutions

Designed to fit individual customer needs & budgets

Expedient & Flexible Solutions

Suite of online services to efficiently manage logistics

Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare delivery teams understand regulatory demands

Dedicated Account Specialists/Team

Our account service teams provide individual support to help our customers manage their logistics programs. Your account specialist will assist you to determine the exact TechTrans services you need and develop a custom program that keeps your products moving.

Customizable Solutions

From warehousing to packing to shipping, whatever your logistics, specialized delivery and supply chain requirements, TechTrans can create a custom program designed around you and your needs whether you need a local or nationwide logistics program. We create the protocols to manage your shipments and provide training support so every crew provides the desired level of service for every shipment, every time.

Expedient and Flexible Solutions

Our suite of online services enable you to order and manage a variety of shipping and logistics services 24/7. From shipment tracking to online waybill, TechTrans offers a variety of ways for you to access shipping information. We even offer an exclusive Tech Track App so you can manage shipments from your mobile device.

Regulatory Compliance

Industry-specific regulations often apply to particular materials TechTrans handles. Moving healthcare equipment often requires adhering to safety regulations, for example, so TechTrans provides thorough training for everyone on the logistics team to ensure compliance. Likewise, we provide comprehensive training and hazmat certification for the safe transport of batteries and UPS power units used in the telecom Industry. Whatever the Industry or specialized delivery required, customers trust TechTrans to understand and comply with all applicable regulations.

our primary target Industry segments


Delivery and set up of imaging machines, ophthalmology devices and more.


White glove delivery, from the first to the last mile.


Customized retail management solutions for your store's specific needs.


Server relocation and testing of high end technical equipment.

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